Our Services


PrimeShop, retail division of Prime Property Consultants Ltd, specializes in providing a wide range of professional advisory services which comprise of sitting in any size of leasing project for landlord as well as representing tenants who are into seeking retail premises of their liking, among those from street shops to those in shopping malls. Our professional agency team are dedicated to offer solutions bolstered up from full spectrum of prep work beforehand including, but not limited to, demographic research, geographically expansion planning, options analysis and negotiation, before rounded up with comprehensive after-services to our clients. To live up to our role as Tenant representative, we would provide frequent market update to those we sit in for and to act on behalf of them for getting all kinds of property solutions from expanding to relocation during or after lease term. PrimeShop team provides tenants real time market information in order to maximize efficiency and minimize unnecessary effort and cost for your own sake.

PrimeShop, as an investment advisor for shop investors, are committed to providing the most up-to-dated professional information in this fast pace property market. Equipped with a comprehensive information system filled with leading edge market data of shops throughout Hong Kong, our team is ready to assist investors in achieving their retail real estate goal. Our professional and circumspect agency team has been furnishing one stop services to investors from options analysis to tenant match up and lease management. PrimeShop also provide innovative advisory on market position and retail theming, marketing and lease management for shops, malls and arcades in order to enhance property value for investors.

We are in a mission to creditize ourselves by satisfying retailers with our resources offering most accurate and suitable solution one can find in the market and feeding our investment clients with latest and valuable information throughout this rapidly-changing property market. Our vision is to make sure our clients would end up with the most ideal return having the best possible profit gained with our involvement.

Retail consultancy

PrimeShop team offers professional agency retail service for Retailer, landlords and investors. We will provide the most up-to-date and exclusive market information, integratedresources andinnovative solutionsto assistclients in achievingtheir retailreal estate goals elaborated in following:-

  • Precise recommendations draw from the consideration oftrade planning and tenant-mix achievedbased upon comprehensive research indynamic market.
  • Retail market analysis
  • Adequate advice on market positioning, retail theming,layout design andpremises promotion.
  • Geographic research, consumer segmentation, market trends study, designated and potential locations analysis
  • Conduct of retail lease review and detailed analysis on the shortlisted retail space.
  • General Agency

    In today's business world, there is a need for experts who can get you to where you want to be. People who specialize in finding and delivering the exact retail space you require. That's where PrimeShop comes in, providing a single point of contact in which our clients can access the entire retail space in this fast pace property market of Hong Kong. We understand when it comes to finding the ideal space for you and your business it is rarely the square footage that counts - but instead the product, facilities, connections and culture in which you choose to locate your business. PrimeShop team is dare to ask andidentify the specific attributes of the client's retail activitybefore matchingup their requirements to the market availabilities, making sure potential properties that offer the greatest potential to benefit their retail operations are in the scope of where the client would be looking.

    As a property expert in retail, office, industrial and residential sectors across Hong Kong,we have access to get to pinpoint potential but yet vacant premises before theyreleased to the market andare capable of providing comprehensive and strategic advice in light of this property market with status of ownership and tenancy changing rapidly by nature.

    Project Leasing

    With concrete experience on sitting in for sorting space as representative of retailers ranging from single shops to global chains, we are adept at assisting client to both expanding and relocation as the market changed.

    We could get involved since day one when it comes to business development.

    Our role as project leasing agency is to offer solutions bolstered up from full spectrum of prep work beforehand including, but not limited to, demographic research, geographically expansion planning, options analysis and negotiation, retail theming, marketing and lease management for shops, malls and arcades.

    Tenant Representative

    A Tenant’s representative acts exclusively on behalf of tenants in a number of areas of specialization, ranging from finding the most suitable premises for the company, to negotiating the lease and reviewing the options. Our company provides the most valued information as building blocks of where you can plot your strategy from. We contribute through the likes of principle as follow:-

  • Understanding our client's needs, determine the space requirements and identify the best location for our clients. We do research based on the factors that affects our clients business and understand their vision, goals and objectives.
  • Providing up-to-date market information: rates, availability, demographics and traffic analysis using leading techniques. Information is vital to making the best decision.
  • Working with clients through the entire process of the deal from strategic planning and transaction management through to lease administration and project management.
  • Committing as a competent tenant advocate for lease negotiation.
  • We serve exclusively as the tenant/landlord represetitve. By eliminating a conflict of interest and using our most valued market knowledge of past, present, and future deals we are able to create the necessary leverage to reduce our clients' real estate costs and increase their probability in a most efficient way.